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The heart of our system is the advanced flexible algorithm that adapts to your unique tip pool system. Simply check a few boxes, add in the percentages for each staff job code and let the application do the work for you. Restaurant gratuities are often difficult to manage and the tip pool will never be the same as there no need for Excel spreadsheets or complex formulas. With our iPhone and Android apps, your staff can access their own data allowing for full transparency and a detailed view of every shift they work. This gives the staff confidence and reassurance that they are being paid fairly and honestly…without having to ask questions or disrupt daily management duties.

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Many of the built in reports generated in the application automatically email staff and managers when new data is submitted or changed. We also have a built in messaging system to directly contact individuals, by job position or your entire staff, allowing you to know exactly who received the message and at what time. All message activity is stored in the cloud for your records creating a data trail and peace of mind that your managers and staff activities are not being lost via handwritten notes or verbal communication.

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Our integrated employee scheduling tool make it easy for your managers to create and communicate your employees’ schedules. With features like ‘copy and paste’, you create the staff schedule once and then copy and paste it for each new week. Our built-in time off and vacation request system links with the employee schedule to ensure you aren’t missing those pesky vacation requests and scheduling someone who is unavailable.

Any changes or edits to the staff schedule occur in real-time and appear immediately on your employees mobile devices. We even built a system to automatically filter “today’s schedule” to allow Manager’s a quick view of employees scheduled today. With our integrated time clock system, the Manager also has the ability to see what time the staff clocked in compared to when they were scheduled.

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With our integrated time clock system, staff are automatically clocked in via the app when they arrive at work. Since our schedule is actually “smart” it makes sure that staff are scheduled and within an allotted time to ensure staff aren’t taking advantage of payroll. The Manager has the ability to see what time the staff clocked in compared to when they were scheduled…helping you to make sure your staff are on time for work. Staff have the ability to see their hours worked and keep track of their own information.

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Tip Reports is a 2-way communication tool for your staff and managers. No more emails about time off or vacation requests…everything is done online and via the robust database to ensure nothing falls through the cracks. Our time off system integrates fully with the scheduling system to also make sure you aren’t scheduling staff who have approved time off.

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Typically a staff member can only complain about their paycheck AFTER receiving the physical check. With Tip Reports online and mobile access, the staff have a fully transparent system at their fingertips. Since Tip Reports is providing real time data to the staff, if there is an issue with the tip pool or missing hours… the staff can alert management of missing shift data like hours & tips BEFORE payroll is actually processed. For the first time ever, the staff can help you to minimize payroll errors and save you time and money!

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Other key features:

Save time & money

Let’s face it, running a restaurant is an expensive, never-ending, and very time consuming process. Day to day tasks become monotonous and can easily eat up that valuable time. Our employee scheduling module and restaurant tip pool system will cut time by up to 50% or more, freeing you and your team up to focus on driving sales for your restaurant. The less time your managers spend in the office can translate to more money in your bank account from increased productivity and performance.

Employee performance tracking

Tip Reports allows you to run many different reports aside from the staff tip pool. Sales performance charts and reports generated in the app allow you to pinpoint your best or weakest staff members. With our reports at your managers disposal, they can stop guessing and actually see who your best server is. Use the reports to reward your best performing team members and to coach and counsel the weak links. Real time insight into your staff’s daily performance.

New hire recruitment

Hiring new staff is very time consuming and often hectic. With traditional paper job applications, it’s easy to misplace qualified candidates is difficult to filter out potential new hires not fit for the team. We built and designed a digital job application form that can be installed on your company’s website to digitize the new hire job application process. Managers can easily filter job applications by date submitted, job type and other metrics to help find ideal candidates to fill vacant job positions….all from their mobile phone.

Daily venue recaps

Many restaurants and bars require their management to send out a daily recap to owners at the end of each shift. With Tip Reports you can streamline that process and make it part of your system. Management are able to quickly record all pertinent information for each shift to generate a daily venue recap that is emailed directly to the owners for review. Since our system is completed database driven, all your recaps are stored securely and perminantely allowing you to go back and search for a multitude of details never possible before.

Advanced reporting and analytics

Managing your restaurant tip pool with old fashioned Excel spreadsheets requires a lot of work and causes a lot of information to go unused. There is so much data that can be generated from the restaurant tip pooling system which our system taps into. Tip Reports allows you to easily access many more reports than just those related to the tips and gratuites. See employee sales, tips, hours worked, employee sales by hour, by shift, top sales, top earner, and many other reports. No extra work is required from your managers and you end up with a plethora of useful information about your business!

Payroll software friendly

When you are ready to run payroll, simply download the ‘Payroll File’ to your computer. The file is automatically saved as a .CSV file which is compatible with the majority of dedicated payroll companies such as ADP, Paychex, and Gusto.

Maintenance tracking and follow up

Do your managers or staff have a habit of forgetting to report maintenance issues? With our integrated maintenance tracking system you can easily see new, pending or completed maintenance tasks. You can even assign a maintenance task to a specific person to make sure its gets done quickly and on time.

Online work availability

Keep track of your staff’s schedule requests with our easy to use schedule availability module.


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