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Tip reports, tip distribution, tip pool, tip sharing...whatever you want to call it, requires a way to organize and distribute service charges earned by restaurant or bar staff. From our experience, spreadsheets are the number one way that business keep track of their employees tips, service charges or gratuities. It's old, out dated and requires constant maintenance.

Tipreports.com was designed to help F&B managers by making the tip pool & distribution an easier process. Simply enter your staff’s info, set your tip distribution percentages and you can start processing payroll in only a few minutes.

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A Better Way to Manage Your Payroll

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Save time and money. Processing payroll is a very time consuming process which takes up valuable time. If your managers are spending less time on payroll and more time on the floor, you will ultimately need less managers and can save on salaried payroll.

Eliminate errors. Human error not only wastes time but can seriously hurt your staff's pocket…not to mention your company. Once service charges and tips have been distributed the money is gone from your account and any errors will ultimately have to be covered by the company. By eliminating complex spreadsheets to track your businesses' gratuities, you can significantly reduce the risk of making mistakes when processing payroll.

Simplicity. tipreports.com was designed with simplicity in mind, intuitive interfaces and easy to use/navigate layout. If your restaurant or bar has a tip distribution system, most likely it is done with a Microsoft Excel™ spreadsheet…created by one of the managers. Forget the spreadsheets and use a professional database to manage your tips and service charges. Think about this: can you search for specific data points such as what was the busser tip out on the AM shift in January with Excel™?
With tip reports.com you have unlimited 24/7 global access to your data via the easy to use website.
(internet connection required)

Tip & Gratuity Distribution Redefined

Eliminate hundred's of computer clogging spreadsheets!

faster and more efficient way of tracking and distributing gratuities through a simple Tip Submission form. Perform complex searches and pinpoint specific employees data within seconds.

Employees can access their own payroll data to see their daily, weekly or monthly earnings. Your staff will be more informed which will result in less questions and confusion on how the tips were distributed.

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Improve Communication With Your Staff

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Full transparency: your staff will have access to tip reports and give them reassurance that their interests are being looked after. By using tip reports.com to manage your tip distribution system you demonstrate that you are taking your payroll seriously.

Automated emails are incorporated throughout the site to increase efficiency and follow up within the workplace.
Employees will have access to tip reports, their user profile and upcoming events. This will significantly save time managers spend answering questions about payroll.

Simplified & Supercharged Venue Recaps

Ever wanted to know how bad weather affects your business? Now you can track it! We included 4 types of weather stats that you can record & search for in your venue recaps.

Turn your daily venue reports into
a searchable database to perform calculations, compare data and help managers forecasting future business levels.

Compare and analyze specific data points that are not tracked or recorded in most POS systems.

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